Try the New Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis by Tracy is a unique workout program different from all the others you’ve seen on television.  This program is probably more effective than the others because its customized to your body type focusing on specific types of exercise movements to get your body into great shape.  The key to Metamorphosis is to first identity your body type and then customize an entire workout around your shape to achieve the best results.

All exercise programs aren’t created equal.  Depending on your body type some exercise programs will shrink areas of your body that you don’t want as much shrinkage in and not be effective enough on those areas that you desire the most shrinkage.  This is what makes the Metamorphosis program so effective is before you begin working out your actual physique is placed into 1 of 4 categories that is used to tailor a specific workout plan just for your body shape.

There are 4 different body types on the Metamorphosis website that your body typically falls into which are Abcentric (thick waist) , Hipcentric (pear shaped), Glutcentric (shapeless behind) , and Omnicentric (gain weight all over).  You just need to identify which body shape is more like yours and allow Tracy to send you her own workout plan to improve on those areas.

The Metamorphosis program comes with 9 muscular structure workouts targeting your specific body type.  You will also receive an introduction to the Tracy Anderson Method, fitness guide, workout calendar, dynamic eating plan, tape measure, and free access to Tracy’s online community.  The entire program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  To learn more about how you can get started please visit the link HERE.



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