Try the sitNcycle for 30 Days

If you’re a baby boomer or senior who is looking to stay active and get in some exercise the sitNcycle is a great workout tool you can use to burn calories every day.  If you’re already good at sitting then why not take a few minutes of your day to sit on the sitNcycle and get in some exercise.  The best part about this product is new customers can try it for 30 days at only $19.95 including free shipping.

Customers can receive the all the benefits of having the sitNcycle in their home for a full 30 days without having to pay full price.  After having the sitNcycle in your home for 30 days you can decide to return it or keep it.  If you decide to return it for whatever reason you will only be required to pay the $19.95 trial fee and return the product.  If you decide to keep the product you will simply do nothing and be charged $39.99 over 6 months.

The sitNcycle has some great features that users will appreciate including its lightweight and portable design.  The product only weighs 34 pounds and most anyone can transport it from room to room or wherever is an ideal place to workout.  It comes in 6 stylish colors that you can choose from.  Customers can choose from black, pink, red, blue, orange, or silver.

There are 8 different resistance levels depending on how intense you want your workout to be.  You can easily adjust the settings by turning the black tension knob that will increase or decrease the difficulty.  To ensure your safety extra large pedals and an extra large saddle seat have been included to ensure you are comfortable and balanced.  To learn more about this product please visit the link HERE.



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