Ultipro Payroll and Human Resources Information System

Employees of Nextran Truck Center can access their payroll information online at the Ultipro Payroll and Human Resources Information System.  The online system is available for employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week to view their pay statement prior in advance to getting paid.  The site is easy to use only requiring employees to utilize a Username and Password to logon.  To obtain your login credentials and access the site for the first time users will need to contact their Human Resources Department.

The Ultipro Payroll System is available for employees to access at https://ew31.ultipro.com.  To make it easy to remember your access information your username is your company email address.  Your initial password is a temporary password provided by HR which is your date of birth in the following format MMDDYYYY.  After logging in the very first time users will be asked to change their password under a set format.  There will also be security questions that require a response to further protect your account.

Users who may forget their password can first utilize the “forgot password” link on the homepage of the payroll site.  If that does not remedy the situation then you will need to contact the HR department for further assistance.  

Once inside your account users will be able to view the following information:  name, address, telephone number, current pay statement, pay history, direct deposit, tax information, vacation/personal leave balances, etc.  If there are any changes to your personal info (name, address, or telephone number) you can manually edit that information inside your account.  Current pay statements are available one day prior to the actual pay date.  Prior pay statements are also available in the Pay History section of the site.

Employees should spend plenty of time learning all the features of their online account so they can fully understand the payroll information that is available to them.

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