University of Arts Online Email Access

Students at The University of The Arts can access their personal school email account by visiting the single sign on web portal.  At the SSO site students can use their login credentials to access their email.  Students who have already created their username are aware that it ends with the campus email domain

Your password should be a mix of characters including lowercase and numbers so it will be difficult for someone to duplicate.  Your account will be secure by simply creating a strong password which will help to prevent inappropriate use of your account.  Your only concern will be to make sure you remember what your password is.  If you desire to change your password utilize the “change password” link at the top right of the SSO page.

Inside each student’s email account are important features that will serve to be helpful for keeping an organized and efficient email account.  Each account comes with a calendar and contacts list for students to use and grow.  There is adequate email storage space for receiving and sending large files.  Email accounts are also protected with spam and malware filters to keep your account safe from unwanted viruses and spyware.

Students should be aware that whenever they utilize their personal school email account that their school email address will be shown in the “from” field when they send email and it should be used appropriately and respectfully.  Utilizing school email is a privilege that can be revoked or disabled for unwarranted use.

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