Upgrade to the Sprint Framily Plan

Sprint is offering new customers an interesting plan called the Framily Plan which allows customers the opportunity to save money on their plan by adding family members or anyone outside their family to their plan.  For an individual plan the monthly fee is $55 per month.  Each new customer that is added to your plan reduces each members monthly payment by $5.  A maximum of 10 members can be added to one family plan which can be a savings of up to $30 per month.  The goal is to add new members to your plan so you can reduce your monthly bill.

All members of the Framily plan will have access to unlimited talk, text, and 1Gb of data usage.  Each member of your Framily plan will receive individual monthly bills that they are responsible for paying unless you assign some family members monthly payment to your account otherwise they will be responsible for paying their own phone bill.

Depending on each members needs there is always the option to upgrade your data usage.  Members can individually increase their data usage from 1GB to unlimited and just pay the additional charges.  There is also the opportunity to stay current with the latest phone releases through the Sprint Easy Pay plan.  This plan allows users to pay a down payment and make monthly payments towards their new phone over 24 months.

With the Sprint Framily plan customers will not have to worry about 2 year contracts of early termination fees.  If you are interested in learning more about this plan please visit the link HERE.



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