Upgrade Your Cable TV to Dish Network

Dish Network has a lot of offers on the table for TV subscribers to make the switch from cable to satellite.  With average cable TV costs ranging greater than $100 per month for the average subscriber Dish is offering new subscribers promotional packages starting at $19.99 per month for the next 12 months and a total of 5 packages under $50.  Depending on what you decide you can elect one of these packages and begin saving money on cable.

Some of these offers require no credit checks, no contracts, and no other commitments.  Not all of Dish’s services fall under these options so customers will need to read the fine print to ensure they understand what each plan offers.  Currently new customers can join the Flex TV plan under these circumstances (no contracts, credit check, or commitment).

Brief Overview of 5 Channel Packages

  • Smart Pack – Over 55 channels – $19.99/mo
  • America’s Top 120 – Over 190 channels – $29.99/mo
  • America’s Top 120 Plus – Over 190 channels with HD channels and regional sports – $34.99/mo
  • America’s Top 200 – Over 235 channels with HD channels – $39.99/mo
  • America’s Top 250 – Over 290 channels with HD channels – $44.99/mo

Depending on the package you select there are options to receive SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Blockbuster @Home.  These options allow you to hear unlimited music and popular radio channels on the SiriusXM network as well as streaming thousands of movies/TV Shows.  New customers can also receive bonus offers including free premium TV including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz.

Other free services available are HD DVR Upgrade and same day installation for up to 6 rooms.  Customers can watch commercial free TV with the addition of the Hopper (DVR) which will store up to 2000 hours of TV content while instantly skipping the commercials.  Take advantage of these low priced deals today by visiting the link HERE.



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