US Law Shield Gun Law Seminar

If you are considering purchasing your first gun or maybe an additional gun for your home are you sure you understand the gun laws in your state?  With the Stand Your Ground Law that got so much media attention over the past year with the Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis cases it would be worthwhile for anyone desiring to own a gun to know the legal ramifications of gun possession for your state..

Going on right now in many states around the country US Law Shield is conducting Firearms Law seminars and workshops.  These workshops are designed to teach the public about the legal aspects of owning a gun.  You will be trained and educated by law experts on subjects of gun ownership such as:

When can you use deadly force?

Interpreting the Castle Doctrine

Stand Your Ground Laws

When police can search, detain, and conduct a proper legal arrest.

Dealing with difficult law enforcement officers

Learn about firearm ballistics

When you attend one of these seminars you will receive free copies of firearm publications that are good resources you can refer to when you have questions.  To see if there is a seminar taking place in your area just visit the Gun Law Seminar website, click your state, and you will see a listing of scheduled upcoming seminars that you can attend.  There is a signup form that you use to register.



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