Use Promofly to Find Promo Codes

Many internet shoppers know about promo codes or coupons offered by different online retailers but finding valid promo codes can be a challenge.  When we’re making a purchase in  Checkout we notice the promo code field and immediately feel like we’re cheating ourselves out of a discount by not placing a code in the field.  To help resolve this problem and to be sure you can find a promo code for your purchase every time you’re in Checkout a bookmarklet called Promofly is available which will find the best promo code for your purchase while you’re in Checkout.

Promofly is an easy to use service in the form of a bookmarklet that you drag and drop in your browser.  The bookmarklet can be found at (  You will need to select the “Get Promofly” button at the bottom of the homepage which will add the Promofly extension to your browser.  There is nothing else you’ll need to do except to continue surfing the web and when you’re preparing to make a purchase you can select the extension and it will present many different coupon codes you can select from.  Once you’ve made your selection you can simply drag the coupon code to the empty promo field and receive your discount.

The Promofly tool has over 6,000 stores in its network which provide coupon codes.  With this many stores offering promo codes with the Promofly network you are sure to be able to find a code when you get ready to make a purchase.  The bookmarklet works great with most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (preferably IE 10).  Previous versions of Internet Explorer may not work well with the bookmarklet.  

With Promofly there is no need to continue searching deal sites that have lists of expired promo codes.  All of the coupon codes within Promofly are active and ready to use.

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