USPS One Stop Shop For 2014 Holiday Needs

If you are expecting the United States Postal Service to play a major part in your 2014 holiday needs then consider all of their online services at their Holiday Ready website.  At the site customers can browse through an online catalog of services geared to help provide a one stop shop experience.  Customers can purchase Holiday Stamps, order free boxes, track their packages, find USPS locations, schedule a pickup at their home, or utilize the new USPS AR App.

Another feature of the site is the Important Shipping Dates section that reminds customers of the busiest mailing and deliver days to consider when sending packages.  Knowing these dates will help with your shopping and planning so you can get your packages to their destinations on time without delay.  There are dates listed for domestic, international, and military shipping.

For fun and to share in the holiday spirit the USPS AR app was designed for customers to enjoy whenever they see a blue USPS mail box.  There are hidden tricks just for entertainment purposes that customers will enjoy.  How does it work?  To get started users will need to download the free app that is available through the App store or Google Play under USPS AR app.   Find a blue USPS Mailbox and on the side find the USPS eagle logo.  The next step is to launch the app, turn up the volume, with your mobile device camera on scanning the eagle logo move back approximately 4 feet from the box.  Watch the eagle log come to life and enjoy.

Between the dates November 17, 2014 and December 26, 2014 there will be different animations available for customers to view.  You will need to check back often or try different mail boxes to see what’s new.

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