View and Pay Your Water Bill Online

Residents and customers of Diversified Water Utilities can pay their monthly water bill online using the Diversified Water Utilities Webview payment site.  The site allows customers to view their bill online the same way as they would view their paper billing statement that is mailed out every month.  Customers can enroll in Webview and have the information from their billing statement on display everytime they login to their account.  They will be able to see information such as the account balance, water consumption figures, view past bills, view additional taxes/charges, view personal information, and have the option to make online payments.

New customers or customers who are not enrolled in the online service can get started by visiting (  There is a new user link on the Webview homepage for customers to utilize and complete the enrollment form to setup your account.  Once your account has been setup and you’ve created your login information (username and password) you can begin accessing your account anytime of the day.  The service is free to use and many customers find it a convenience as they can access their account from their mobile devices/smartphones.

By utilizing Webview you never need to wait for a paper billing statement to arrive in the mail.  All of your account information is waiting for you inside your account.  You will be notified via email when your e-statement is available for viewing.  When it’s time to make a payment you can simply utilize the online bill pay service to electronically debit your personal checking account for the amount owed.  Your payment in most cases will be posted the same day and you’ll receive a notification of the transaction taking place.  

Customers also have the option to download and print out billing statements from inside their account otherwise the statements will be in pdf format for viewing.

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