Walmart’s Savings Catcher Plan with Unbeatable Prices

Walmart has started a new program that is designed to save their customers more money and offer them the lowest prices in their area.  The Savings Catcher Plan is Walmart’s new concept that should catch their shoppers attention as they can be convinced they are getting the best bargain for their purchases.  The new plan costs nothing to join but will reward customers if there are local retail competitors who have lower pricing by giving them the difference in the Walmart price and the competitions price.

How does the Saving’s Catcher Plan work exactly?  Walmart shoppers will basically shop as they normally do at their local Walmart stores and after purchasing their products retain their receipt.  The receipt is important so it can be scanned via your smart phone using the Saving’s Catcher app which is downloadable or by simply entering in the receipt number at the Saving’s Catcher website via your account.

After entering in your receipt or receipt number Saving’s Catcher will do all the work which is scanning your local area for advertised prices on identical products you purchased.  If it discovers that another store offered the same product for a cheaper price then you will be reimbursed the difference to a Walmart eGift Card.  This service provides customers with the assurance that they are getting the cheapest prices in town and if not they can receive the difference and accumulate the savings over time to be redeemed later.

Customers who utilize Savings Catcher can now save valuable time by not having to be concerned if they are getting the best deal for their purchases.  This plan ensures they are getting the best price and will reward them in the event another store has better prices.

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