Wells Fargo Earn More Mall Rewards

Wells Fargo customers who have the Wells Fargo Rewards Card or the Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card will enjoy the perks that come with using their cards for purchases especially at the Earn More Mall site.  The Earn More Mall site is where WF cardholders can make purchases online or in-person at participating local and national retailers and receive bonus rewards points in the process.

In addition to the bonus points cardholders already earn just for being a Wells Fargo Rewards Card or Visa Signature cardholder you have the opportunity through the Earn More Mall to accumulate more rewards points.  The site has a wide variety of online offers for customers to browse through including shoes, apparel, electronics, back to school, health, beauty, food, travel, and more.

Shoppers can select a category on the left side of the screen and begin browsing through offers from participating retailers.  Each category has a list of retailers and their discounts/offers for cardholders to view.  Each offer is located inside your account so cardholders will need to login to see what type of deals the retailer is offering.

An excellent way to stay in the loop on retailer offers is to utilize the Offer Alerts option.  This option allows you to be notified via email when a new deal from one of your favorite retailers has been posted.  You can take advantage of the offer as soon as it is released inside your account.

Cardholders need to be aware that bonus points earned through the Earn More Mall aren’t posted to your account until approximately 30 days after your purchase.  You will need to be patient and wait for them to show up in your account.



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