West Asset Management Credit Collection

If you have a delinquent account that has been turned over to 3rd party collection agency West Asset Management any payments you’d like to make on that account can be made at the West Bill Pay website.  The site has been setup by WAM for customers to make a one-time payment on their account to eventually relieve their entire debt bill.  To get started using the site customers will need to input their account number which is located on the Notice of Debt they’ve received and their zip code for the system to properly locate your account.

Once your account is found in the system customers are immediately given options to make a payment.  The online service allows customers to make payments using a credit card or through an electronic drafting of your checking account.  If you cannot pay the entire balance on your account but is interested in possible payment arrangements then consider contacting the company before making any payments at all.

You will need to speak with a representative to discuss how they can better accommodate your current financial condition so you can comfortably make payments consistently on a month by month basis until you pay the entire balance.  Customers can refer to the toll free number on their Notice of Debt to contact a representative at WAM.

When receiving a notice from a bill collector it is always good to contact them to ensure the debt you supposedly owe is in fact your debt.  Mistakes can happen and there could be a misunderstanding between you and the original creditor so you’ll want to verify the debt.  Do not ignore this issue because unpaid debts count negatively on your credit report so you’ll want to respond to West Asset Management as soon as possible.

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