What is Beetroot Good For?

Are you considering adding beetroot to your diet?  Many people are taking an alternative approach to modern day medicine because of all the side effects that are involved and the high cost.  With the help of the internet we are learning about alternative methods such as certain plants and vegetables that can be just as helpful to controlling or managing our health just as effective as drugs.  This is where beetroot can play a vital role in your diet.

What is Beetroot Good For?  Beetroot has a number of benefits for the body and is used by lots of people including athletes.  Athletes have discovered how beneficial the high levels of nitrates that are found in beetroot (20 times more than other vegetables) which assist the body in the production of nitric oxide.  Nitric Oxide increases blood flow throughout the body which reduces blood pressure and reduces the amount of oxygen required by the body enabling longer and more intensive exertion.

As a result of the increase in blood flow throughout the body because of nitrates there are several personal health remedies this can benefit including erectile dysfunction, lower blood pressure, boost in energy and endurance, reduce inflammation, and more.

It has been studied also that beetroot helps to protect from cancer.  It is made up of a substance called betacyanin which has been found to slow the growth of tumors in patients suffering from breast and prostate cancer.  Beetroot can have a positive effect on a pre-cancer diagnosis and in a remissive state of cancer.

Most people are aware that beets have been a common remedy for anemia.  Beetroot contains lots of iron which can immediately help people who are iron-deficient.  It will restore the red blood cells while supplying oxygen and increasing the blood count.

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