What is SuperBeets the Circulation Food

More people are talking about the multiple health benefits found in beets which classifies the vegetable as a superfood because it does so much for the body.  Beets increase circulation throughout the body, lower blood pressure, increase nitric oxide, protect against cancer, improve sexual performance, decrease inflammation, and more.  To get more people to consume beets on a regular basis Neogenis Labs created the product Superbeets the Circulation Food.

It has been confirmed that drinking beets daily will support your overall cardiovascular health so to simplify the process of preparing beets for juicing SuperBeets comes in the form of a 30 5-gram servings of beetroot crystals.  The concentrated crystals quickly dissolve into a 7 ounce container of water or mixed with any other beverage.  A 4 ounce shot of SuperBeets has the same benefits of drinking a full glass of beet juice.  Which would you rather do mix a tablespoon of SuperBeets in water and drink it or prepare several beets for juicing every day?

Most people don’t like the taste of beet juice but the SuperBeets product has a much more enjoyable taste and it’s so quick and easy to do.  People who have been taking the product notice a pick up right after consuming the product that lasts them all day.  Unlike energy drinks this product has no caffeine, no stimulants, gluten-free, non-gmo, and diabetic friendly.

Currently new customers can take advantage of an online offer to buy 2 and get 1 free for the price of $79.90.  This can be a one-time order or you can signup for the replenishment program where you will receive an additional shipment of canisters every 90 days.

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