Wilson County Schools ESS Access

Employees of Wilson County Schools can utilize the schools employee self service web portal to access their paystub information and online payroll file.  The site is an extension of the Human Resources department providing employees access to monitor their paystub information on a daily basis including viewing their W-2/W-4 forms.  There are some edits that employees can make to their account including updating their W-2 form, updating their personal information in their profile, and make electronic signatures.

Employees new to the ESS web portal can visit the site at (https://selfservice.wcshools.com/mss/login.aspx).  You will need to enter a username and password to login to your account.  Your username is your employee ID number while your temporary password for your initial login is the last 4 digits of your social security number.  After successfully logging in you will have the opportunity to change your password to something more secure.  Please remember your password should be something you can easily remember otherwise later on if you accidentally forget your account will be automatically reset.

Once inside your account all of your payroll data is available for viewing.  Employees will be able to see their paystub information in full detail including hours worked, earnings total, sick time accrued, vacation balance, deductions, taxes, etc.  All of this information is accessible for employees to manage and monitor to ensure there are no discrepancies and they are paid correctly.  If they notice any issues with their pay they can in advance communicate their issues with the Human Resources department.  

Performance evaluations are another online option available for employees to review inside their account and electronically sign to be submitted back to their department head.  Depending on the department there may be various types of personnel documents available for employees to view.  Each document can be downloaded and and a hard copy printed for personal needs.  

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