Worx 20V Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver

Convenience is the name of the game for the Worx 20V Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver.  For anyone familiar with a cordless power drill either it drills holes or drives in screws.  With the cordless Switchdriver you get the best of both worlds as you can do both functions (drive and drill) with the same power tool.  This is a special convenience for anyone who uses power drill tools as they can flip the rotating chuck to switch from drilling to driving.  The chuck rotates 180 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise allowing you to do whatever you need to do.

Having two chucks attached to one tool that allows you to switch between each chuck renders all of your other power drills obsolete as the Switchdriver is your all in one solution.  You can now complete home or commercial projects that require drilling holes and driving screws in half the time it would normally take you.  There is no need to stop and change out drill bits while working but simply rotate the chuck and keep on going.  Changing out bits is real easy only requiring you to hold down the chuck to remove and install a new bit.  The bit locks sturdily in place.

New customers can take advantage of a 30 day money back guarantee on this product by visiting (www.worxswitchdriver.com) and ordering from their online website.  If after 30 days you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it for a full refund.  There is also an available 3 month payment plan for customers at $39.95 per month or customers can simply pay a one time price of $119.85.  

Other highlights of the Worx 20V Switchdriver

  • 20V Max Lithium battery with 5 hour recharge time
  • Variable 2 speed gearing
  • Precise electronic torque to prevent unnecessary stripping
  • ¼” hex quick change out chucks
  • built-in automatic led lights
  • includes 3 year warranty

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