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New Citibank Shop Your Way Mastercard cardholders that recently received their new card can go through the steps of activating it online.  The activation process is simple and only requires a few seconds of your time to complete.  

Activate SYW Accountonline Site

To get started with the activation process users will need to follow the instructions listed below:

You will be redirected to Citibanks Activate SYW Accountonline Site for Shop Your Way cardholders 

Enter the following details

  • Card number
  • Name as it appears on your card
  • Security code
  • Last 4 digits of the primary cardholders ssn
  • Click the Verify button


This process will register your card for online use and the next step is to simply create your login credentials

  • Create your User ID and Password
  • Setup your security protocols

When you want to access your account you can bypass the activate.syw.accountonline.com web portal and simply visit syw.accountonline.com to enter in your login info.

For your safety remember to change your password every couple months

How To Login to Shop Your Way Mastercard

  • Visit syw.accountonline.com
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Click the Sign On button

Pay Your Shop Your Way Mastercard

With your online account comes the option to make payments online.  As you are in your online account you will notice the payment option, here’s a few steps to make a successful payment:

  • Login to your account
  • Click the Pay Now button on your account page
  • Enter the bill amount you want to pay
  • Use your credit card, debit card, or bank routing number/bank account number to complete the payment.

Payment Address

For customers that are interested in paying their bill by mail here is a list of addresses you can send your payment to:

Shop Your Way Credit Card Payments

PO Box  78024

Phoenix, AZ  85062-0824

Credit Card Overnight Delivery Express Payments

Attn:  Consumer Payment Dept

6716 Grade Lane

Building 9, Suite 910

Louisville, KY  40213

Shop Your Way Customer Service

Available 24/7 

1-877-816-9063 – USA customers

1-502-522-1600 – for outside the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico (call collect)

Technical support






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