ATMCD Login – McDonald’s Employee Online Portal

McDonald’s employees have available to them a 24/7 one stop shop online company resource that is a learning portal for all employees.  Employees at every level of the company can login to ATMCD and access all of the information McDonald’s has to offer each member of the team.  Here are some features you can expect:

How to Access ATMCD Online

To get started with accessing your online employee account and the company/HR related information available employees can follow these guidelines:

Employee’s login via the Restaurant Crew Login by clicking one of the 5 options available to login:

  • Microsoft Account
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Sign in with Apple

If you need assistance logging in to the website you can refer to the login help page that has video assistance for the following:

  • Update Crew Email
  • Crew Login with Email
  • Social Media/Email Login
  • Forgotten Password
  • Crew Invalid Email

All of these features will assist you with basic email and password issues.

Restaurant Management, O/O & Staff, and Corporate will access the site via the McDonald’s ID login

They will need to enter their login credentials – User name and Password the click the Login button

User Name and Password retrieval can be recovered via the Forgot User Name and Forgot password links

ATMCD Web Portal Details

The ATMCD online portal is a vital resource for McDonald’s employees that is accessible 24 hours a day via  It allows users to access their employee account which stores information such as payroll data, work schedules, company benefits, and more.  

Every employee of McDonald’s has access to the site and find a lot of value in it considering it is the restaurant giant’s intranet service.  Other features employees can find are as follows:

  • Access to AccessMCD intranet solution 
  • Features the latest company news
  • Easy access to company documents
  • Follow people within the organization
  • Fully integrated with a new social collaboration tool
  • Creates a fun and simple way for folks to connect with each other
  • 2 way communication
  • Employee Services
  • Submit business related expenses
  • Request IT services, items, and support
  • Employee directory
  • Attend online classes

ATMCD Mobile App

The ATMCD web portal can be accessed via the ATMCD mobile app.  The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.  Employees can communicate with their peers and access company information while on the go.

The app is a great way for employees to search for pertinent company information when they’re not at work.  They can simply pull out their smartphone or mobile device and click on the app to access their account.


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