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Radio listeners of Brian Kilmeade & Friends can take advantage of an exclusive offer for HumanN SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood at www.briansbeets.com.

If you’re a regular radio listener of Kilmeade & Friends then you’ve definitely heard the radio commercials advertising SuperBeets the Circulation Superfood.  Everybody knows how good beets are for the body but most people dislike the taste of beets so they avoid its nutritional value altogether.  Beets has a number of benefits for the body including rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, detoxification, nitric oxide production, improve blood circulation, and the list goes on and on.

brian kilmeade superbeets


Brian Kilmeade Superbeets

Well SuperBeets is a super concentrated beet formula that tastes great and with each teaspoon sized serving you receive the benefit of 3 whole beets.  There is no juicing or cutting beets involved, all you do is mix a teaspoon of this supplement with water or your favorite beverage and immediately your body receives the many benefits of a concentrated beet formula.

HumanN, the brand name for SuperBeets, offers a single canister of SuperBeets on Amazon for customers to purchase.  From their product page customers can read the reviews of customers and learn more about how the product works per individual.  45% of Amazon reviewers gave SuperBeets a 5 star rating.  Click for best pricing online.

SuperBeets Radio Offer

superbeets radio offer

15% Off Coupon:  When visitors shop online at www.briansbeets.com they can receive 15% off their first order by simply signing up for their email list.  After signing up you will receive a coupon for the 15 % off discount.

Free Gifts:  Along with your first purchase of their buy 2 get 1 free deal you will also receive a few free gifts including the ebook Beet the Odds, nitric oxide indicator strips, and shipping.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free:  There are 2 online specials which are Buy 2 canisters and receive an additional canister free for a price of $79.90 OR buy 4 canisters and get 2 free canisters for $149.90 – this equals $25 per canister.

Customers who are curious and just want to try 1 canister can purchase from the website but you won’t receive any of the freebies.  One canister of SuperBeets costs $39.95 OR customers can purchase their first canister from the SuperBeets product page on Amazon.com for the best price.  Click for SuperBeets best price online.

Money Back Guarantee:  There is a 100% money back guarantee for customers if for some reason they aren’t satisfied with the product.  It can be returned and they’ll receive a full refund.

Flavors:  Comes in 2 flavors – Original flavor has a natural apple flavoring and Black Cherry

SuperBeets Benefits

SuperBeets is one of the more popular superfood supplements you can purchase on the market.  It provides users essential nutrients, vitamins/minerals, and its greatest benefit to the body is its nitric oxide production.

The SuperBeets formula is made of highly concentrated beetroot crystals extracted from the highest quality beets shown to have consistent high levels of dietary nitrates.  Dietary Nitrates help increase the nitric oxide production in your body.

In each serving of SuperBeets you receive an equivalent of 3 whole beets that are non-GMO and grown in the US.  The product is all natural and free of preservatives.

One teaspoon of SuperBeets (which is the recommended serving) has the nitrate level of three whole beets.  Beets promote healthy circulation, blood pressure levels, increased energy, increased stamina, etc.

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