www.completeid.com/30daysfree – Costco Complete ID 30 Day Free Trial

Costco members can enjoy 30 days of free identity theft protection through the services of Complete ID by visiting www.completeid.com/30daysfree.

With identity theft on the rise more consumers are constantly worried about their personal information getting hacked or stolen.  One sure way to protect yourself from identity theft and minimize its damage is to enroll in Complete ID, a theft protection service.

Complete ID 30 Day Free Trial Review

Currently Costco Wholesale members have an opportunity to sign up for a free 30-day trial to test the service and see how they like it.  There are 2 different plans customers can enroll in which are the Costco Wholesale Executive Member program and the Costco Wholesale Goldstar Member program.  The Executive Member plan is $8.99 per month and an additional $2.99 fee for child protection and the Goldstar Member plan is $13.99 per month and an additional $3.99 for the child protection.

The first 30 days of the service is free but after the 30-day period expires the monthly charges kick in.  Customers that are not interested in continuing the service will need to cancel prior to the 30 days ending by calling 1-855-591-0202.  Customers that are not Costco members can still sign up for the Complete ID program but the monthly fee with be $19.99 per month.

Complete ID Features

Here is a long list of features that are included with your identity theft protection package.  These features are provided during the 30-day trial period and afterwards.

Personal Identity Status Check – comprehensive data check to establish and confirm your personal identity status

Proactive Notifications – You will be notified of any changes concerning your identity status with any remedial actions you can take to resolve issues.

Monitoring – Comprehensive monitoring across the most complete list of identity data points in the industry

Live Support – Access to a live US based Identity Protection Team to ask questions and receive answers/support.

Insurance and Recovery – In case of an identity breach or abuse there is an Expert Recovery Support designated to support and assist members with up to a $1 million coverage.

Other services offered by Complete ID:

Annual 3B Credit Reports, Scores and Monitoring

Credit Score Updates

Internet Surveillance

Mail Change Alerts

Neighborhood Watch

Bank Account Takeover Watch

Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts

Criminal Records Monitoring

Arrest Alerts

Payday Loan Monitoring

SSN Monitoring

Child Protection

Lost Wallet Replacement Assistance

Identity Recovery and Insurance

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