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Nutristystem has crafted a weight loss plan for men in their Nutristyem for Men meal plan available at www.drop15now.com.

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The Drop 15 Now Nutrisystem meal plan is promising guys they can lose up to 15 pounds and 7 inches off their waist in the first 30 days.  This is one of the many weight loss plans men will be considering since this is the time of year that people start focusing on getting in shape and losing weight.  This Nutrisystem plan is specifically designed for men and here is what it offers:


Nutrisystem Meal Plans

There are 3 plans available for men to choose from which are the Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours plan.  The Basic Plan starts at $11.25 per day, the Core plan starts at $11.96 per day, and the Uniquely Yours plan begins at $13.39 daily.  Each Nutrisystem weight loss program comes with pre-selected food plans but customers that choose the Core or Uniquely Yours plans can customize their own meals.  Nutrisystem has weight loss kits available on Amazon.com.  You can purchase individual kits here.

The Core plan allows customers to choose from over 100 foods and the Uniquely Yours has over 150 foods to choose from.  Also with the UY meal plan customers have unlimited frozen foods to customize their meals with and they can mix and match their food choices.

Some of the choices included with the pre-selected food items are popular favorites such as pasta, pizza, and burgers.  Each plan is a 4 week plan that consists of eating 5 meals per day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.  The Nutrisystem plans allows men room to eat one meal per week outside of their plan.

Fresh grocery foods are recommended to add with these meals to give men a more well-rounded nutritional benefit.  Turbo Takeoff is another feature that is added with each plan during the first week of the system.

Nutrisystem on Amazon

Nutrisystem meal plans are available on Amazon.com.  One of their best selling meal plans is the Nutrisystem 5 Day Jump Start Weight Loss Kit.  The kit has over 100 customer reviews and customer have given the product a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  38% of customers rated it 5 stars.  You can read the reviews and purchase from Amazon here.

Nutrisystem for Men As Seen On TV

The Nutrisystem for Men kits when ordered online come with free FEDEX shipping and a 14 day money back guarantee.  In order to receive your full refund you will need to return your remaining food back to complete your refund.  New customers will also receive one week of NutriCrush Bars and Turbo Shakes free.

There is an Auto-delivery feature for new customers that allows them to sign up for auto-shipments.  The auto shipment program keeps your from running out of food and conveniently ships your foods to your doorstep.  When signing up with auto-ship you will receive an additional 35% off and free FEDEX shipping on every order.

The Nutrisystem Auto-Ship program also sends out reminders for you to choose your foods and informs you on when your next order is shipping.  You can pause your auto-shipments at any time, update it, or cancel.  Orders are shipping out every 4 weeks and you’ll need to cancel within the first 14 days to receive a full refund.

Customers can opt to purchase a Nutrisystem meal plan from www.drop15now.com or from Amazon.com which has a catalog of meal kits available.

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