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Participants in retirement accounts serviced by Empower Retirement can access their account online at the Empower Retirement online web portal.  The online portal is an easy link to your retirement info that is available 24/7 and accessible via mobile app. It’s a convenient alternative to monthly paper statements and info is in real time.

Empowermyretirement Login Guide

To get started with utilizing the online service you will first need to register for online use, here’s a brief outline:

The next screen is the Account Verification screen with 3 tabs to select from and complete the form associated with that tab:

I do not have a PIN

  • Social security number
  • Zip code
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Numeric portion of street address or PO Box
  • Click the blue Continue button

I have a PIN

  • Social security number
  • PIN
  • Click blue Continue button

I have a plan enrollment code

  • Group ID/Plan number
  • Plan enrollment code
  • Click blue Continue button


Once you’ve completed the registration process and created your login information you can now begin returning to the login screen and inputting your username and password to sign in.  Your Empowermyretirement login can be accessed from any computer or mobile device that has a browser and internet capabilities.  

Empower Retirement Mobile App

Another option for users to access empowermyretirement.com is via the Empower Retirement mobile app.  The app can be downloaded to your mobile devices via the App Store. It has lots of functionality and provides plenty of account info at the users discretion, here’s an idea of what you can do with the app:

  • Can register, enroll, and login to your retirement account
  • View account details in one snapshot (account balance, rate of return, transaction history, statements, plan investment, etc)
  • Execute transactions
  • Manage retirement plan
  • View account information
  • Receive account balance
  • View your contribution info and option to make changes
  • View your Investment choices
  • Access to fund fact sheets
  • View investment returns
  • Access to Prospectuses
  • Elect beneficiaries

So, whether your login to your account from the actual empowermyretirement.com website or do a simple one touch using the mobile app, you have instant access to your entire retirement account.

Contact Customer Service

To speak with a representative regarding your account there is a phone number and or email option:

Call 1-855-756-4738

Monday – Friday 6am to 8pm Mountain time

Saturdays 7am to 3:30pm Mountain time

Email Participant_services@empower-retirement.com




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