www.enjoyhughesnet.com/deal – Order HughesNet Gen4 High Speed Internet

HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet is now available in your area and if you’re looking to switch from your current internet subscriber to the high speed service offered by HughesNet then today is your day to switch.  Customers who switch over to HughesNet will receive free standard installation and a $240 savings over their first year.  Another perk added in the deal is customers will receive a $50 cash back bonus for joining.  This current promotion is good until March 31, 2016.

The first step for customers is to visit the HugesNet website and check if there is coverage in their area.  On the homepage of the site located at (www.enjoyhughesnet.com/deal) visitors can input their street address and zip code in the “Find Plans and Offers in Your Area Now” portion of the site to do a quick query to verify coverage.  If the query confirms there is coverage for your area the next step will be to choose from the coverages that are available.

The site will list any HughesNet internet plans that your area is eligible for.  An idea of the plans that are available that customers can choose from are the Prime Plus, Pro Plus, and Ultra.  Here is a breakdown of each plan:

  • Prime Plus $49.99/month: download speeds up to 10 mbps, upload speeds up to 1mb, 60GB total data allowance
  • Pro Plus $69.99/month:  download speeds up to 10mpbs, upload speeds 2mbps, 65GB total data allowance
  • Ultra $79.99: download speeds up to 15mbps, upload speeds 2mbps, 100GB total data allowance,

Customers interested in receiving HughesNet phone service can add an additional $19.95 per month for the voice plan which is an introductory price for the first 3 months.  It comes with free voice equipment and in-home setup/activation.  Visitors can visit and find out which plan is best for their needs.  There is online assistance to guide you in that direction.

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