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ESPN The Magazine customers can conveniently renew their subscription coverage online by visiting www.espn.com/renewtm.  From the magazine renewal website customers can make a payment with their credit card and continue their subscription coverage.

The other renewal option available to customers is to submit their payment by credit card via mail.  They can use the renewal voucher they received in the mail and input their credit card information then mail it off.  It will take anywhere from 5 to 7 days due to mail travel and processing time for your payment to be posted.


When paying online customers will need to enter their Claim Code that can be found on their renewal voucher.  It is a 10 digit number that is highlighted at the top of the renewal voucher form.  After entering in the number at the website you will be directed to the credit card payment form where you can enter your credit card info.

Enter your credit card number, credit card type type whether American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa, and the expiration date.  The final step is to click Submit and your card will be instantly submitted for processing which only takes a few seconds.  Once payment has been accepted your ESPN The Magazine subscription has been renewed.

Customers have the option to make one-time subscription payments or enroll in the automatic renewal program.  The automatic renewal program is a convenient option that will keep your subscription going without interruption.

One thing to consider when subscribing to the auto renewal program is you will receive a notification 30 days prior to your payment due date and there will be an option with details on how you can cancel your subscription if you’d like.  All subscriptions can be cancelled by contacting the customer service department at esncustserv@cdsfulfillment.com.

ESPN The Magazine Renewal Features

By renewing your subscription by mail or online customers receive an ESPN the Magazine discount of 83% off the newsstand price.  An example of the price difference is you will receive 26 issues for a price of $19.97.  There are also bonuses that come with the renewal including a free ESPN The Magazine Sports Bag and free 24/7 all access pass to ESPN Insider.

The magazine brings sports fans exclusive behind the scenes sports coverage and analysis.  Big name writers and sports writing personalities such as Jon Gruden, Jay Bilas, Matt Bowen, John Clayton, and more will bring you the best in sports analysis.

You can also expect year round NFL Draft coverage including mock drafts, player rankings, team grades, and post-draft analysis.  With your subscription you will also have access to the ESPN The Magazine app for your smartphones or mobile devices.

Take advantage of the online renewal option available at espn.com/renewtm or send in your renewal voucher.

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