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Consumers worried about identity theft and their personal information being stolen and misused can opt to receive credit monitoring services such as Experianidworks.  This is a full service identity theft protection service that provides 24/7 monitoring of your consumer information.  

There are a host of benefits that accompany this service which the first benefit is a free 30 day trial membership.  

Getting Started With Experianidworks

If you are interested in receiving a free 30 day trial you can follow these brief instructions to getting started:

  • Visit www.experianidworks.com/credit
  • Enter your activation code to sign up now

***if you learned about this offer via a mailer you can refer to the mailer and look for your activation code that has a personalized offer for you

  • Click the Get Started button


You should be on the online application page which will require the following info:

  • Activation code
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Social security number

You will need to create an online Experianidworks account which you will have access to, start by entering the following details:

  • Create your username
  • Create your password
  • Create your security question and answer
  • Click the Submit and Continue button

Experianidworks 30 Day Free Trial

Once you’ve completed the online application your complimentary Experianidworks.com/credit account will be established.  You will however need to input your credit card information for access to the free 30 day trial use which you can cancel anytime prior to the 30 days ending.  

If you would like to keep the service then you can do nothing and your account will be renewed each month for the monthly fee.

How much does the service cost?

Experian offers customers a couple plan options they can choose from.  There are plans for individuals and family.  Each one has its own features so you will need to choose the plan that offers everything you desire.  Here are the options:

IdentityWorks Plus

One adult $9.99 per month

One adult and up to 10 children $14.99 per month

Two adults and up to 10 children $19.99 per month


One adult $19.99 per month

One adult and up to 10 children $24.99 per month

Two adults and up to 10 children $29.99 per month

Can cancel at anytime either online via experianidworks.com/credit or by calling customer service

Trial memberships can be cancelled within 30 days without charge

Services Offered

There are a number of services that are offered with each plan.  You not only get the credit monitoring and credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus but there’s any fraud related activity that may occur under your personal information.  Here is a list of services attached to each available Experianidworks.com/credit plan:

  • Real time alerts for attempted credit inquiries
  • Large balance changes
  • Credit utilization
  • Opening of new accounts
  • FICO score simulator
  • Dark web surveillance
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Social security number monitoring
  • Address change verification
  • Monitoring for new credit inquiries
  • New accounts 
  • Large account balance changes
  • Credit utilization
  • Positive activity 
  • Dormant accounts
  • FICO scores accessible daily
  • Experian CreditLock
  • Social network monitoring
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • Court records and bookings
  • Sex offender registry
  • Fine sharing network monitoring

Each plan includes $1m identity theft insurance and full service identity restoration.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-877-890-9332


1501 S. Mopac Expy, Suite 200

Austin, TX  78746

Representatives are available Monday – Friday from 6am to 9pm PST

Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm PST



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