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Investors can take advantage of a free DVD program that will show you how to stop losing money with your 401k, IRA, or investment account and show you how to focus on what is working in 2016.  The free DVD program is called 5 Investing Mistakes Even Smart People Make.  To get the DVD you will only need to enter your email address and pay the minimal charge for shipping to receive the program in the mail.

Along with the program you will also receive a few bonuses just for signing up.  You will receive access to a private website that will go in depth on what stocks to trade in 2016.  It’s a digital version copy that you can download and study for yourself after signing up.  A second bonus for new customers is a free training on how to avoid potential losses in the event of another major market crash.  You will learn the warning signs so you will be able to make the right decisions concerning your portfolio and lessen the hit you can take.

A third bonus for customers is a video presentation you’ll gain access to on the 5 Investing Mistakes Even Smart People Make.  The entire program with bonuses is free to customers who simply pay the shipping fee.  There is also a 60 day money back guarantee available for customers who aren’t satisfied with the deal.

To get started and claim your free DVD please visit (www.freeplan106.com).  You will need to enter your email address for the first step and then complete an order form with billing/shipping information to get the DVD shipped out to your home.

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