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New customers can take advantage of an exclusive Buy One Get One free offer on the Genie Zip Seamless Bra at www.geniezipbrasale.com.  The price is only $10.

Genie Zip Bra

The Genie Zip Front Bra is a much needed design upgrade for women who struggle with the little nuances of wearing a typical bra.  In the old bra style women have issues with closing the bra from the back, straps that are too tight causing shoulder pain, and stiff underwire that shape the bra which also causes discomfort.

All of these problems are no more with the Genie Zip Seamless Bra.  The Zip Up Genie Bra utilizes a zipper in the front to close the bra which is so much easier than what you’re used to.  The bra is also custom designed to shape and lift your bust area without the need for wires, straps, or metal clasps.  Click for Zip Front Bra’s best pricing.

genie zip bra


Genie Front Zipper Bra Features

Zippered Front:  The zip bra as seen on TV is simple to put on just zip the front and it closes securely with a tight snug fit.  It comes off just as easy using the zipper.  All the struggle is over.

Cross Back Support:  There is extra support for the back of the bra to help with your posture.

Memory Foam Straps:  Has cushioned memory foam straps that protect your shoulders from typical bra indentation.

Side Contour Panels:  These side panels contour your under arm / sides with a nice smooth look.

Removable Cups:  The Genie Bra comes with removable cups to lift and shape your boobs to enhance your appearance.

Sizes Available:  The sizes customers can choose from are small, medium, large, x-large, 1x, 2x, and 3x.  There is a sizing chart that can be referred to with the actual bra/cup size for customers to use as a guide.

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