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In this Speed Stik Distance Trainer Review you will learn how the Speed Stik will add yards to your drives with a few minutes of practice per day.  This product is available at www.getspeedstik.com.

All golfers are looking to increase their distance off the tee and hit their irons farther.  The science behind hitting the golf ball farther says you need to increase your club head speed.  A tool that will help you swing faster is the Speed Stik Golf Distance Trainer.

get speed stik golf


Get Speed Stik Golf


The Speed Stik advertises that you will “add 20 yards or more to your drive” and “after just 20 swings with the Speed Stik you can increase your club head speed by 8 or more miles per hour.”  Here’s the testimonials of the product, “once I used it 3 or 4 times I increased my distance by 20 yards” and “I added 30 yards in 15 minutes.”

To measure your gains from using the Speed Stik you will need a product that will measure your clubhead swing speed and tempo.  A great product to consider that is popular on Amazon.com is the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar.  It will provide a range of speed measurement from 20 MPH to over 200 MPH. The product has over 200 customer reviews on Amazon and customers have rated the product a 4.4 out of 5 stars.  Click for Sports Sensor Best Pricing!!

Speed stik review

The Speed Stik Review

If you’ve seen the commercial of the Speed Stik you noticed when Bobby Wilson swung the stick it produced a cracking sound around the impact position.  The Speed Stik utilizes a force adjustable magnet and bullet slider.  During your swing as you’re descending the stick into the impact position the bullet will slide down the shaft and hit the bottom of the stopper when you’ve uncocked your hands.

The bullet hitting the stopper creates a cracking sound that provides feedback for you which is a good analyzer for your swing.  If you hear the loud crack before you reach the impact position then you’ve definitely released the club too early AND if you hear the cracking sound past the impact position you’ve released too late.

You want to look for the crack going off perfectly during the impact position to make sure your timing is right and that you’re getting the most from this swing aid.

Speed Stik Resistance Settings

To make sure you’re continually making gains with this tool there are 5 levels of resistance that require you to swing the club faster in order for the speed bullet to slide down the stick.  The higher you place the setting the more difficult it is to get the speed bullet to move during your swing so you’ll have to swing much harder.

Speed Stik Grip

The grip on the Speed Stik is a training grip that shows you how to correctly place your hands on a golf club.  When you’re practicing with this tool you will continually practice having the right grip on the club because we all know how important that is to a golf swing.

Like mentioned above while working with the Speed Stik you will need to measure your swing speed frequently to see your gains.  Consider a tool that will accurately measure your swing speed such as the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar that is available on Amazon.com.  Click for Best Pricing!  It’s a tool that you can take to the range with you or use in your backyard to monitor your swing speed improvements.

What do you think of the Speed Stik?  Give us your comment below.

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