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A NetSpend Prepaid Card is one of the most widely recognized prepaid cards out today, visit www.gonetspend.com and get yours today.

NetSpend is a popular prepaid debit card provider that has over 7 million members who use their NetSpend card for online/retail purchases, receive direct deposits from their employers, pay their bills, etc.  It’s an alternative to having a checking account but has all of the same conveniences.  The good thing is nearly anybody qualifies to receive a NetSpend card which does not require a credit check or spotless ChexSystems record.

Get A NetSpend Prepaid Card

The easiest way to get your own NetSpend Card and begin using it is by visiting www.gonetspend.com.  At the site you will need to complete the short online guaranteed approval form which consists of entering your name, address, email address, and select the type of NetSpend prepaid debit card you want to receive.  Each NetSpend card has a MasterCard logo which allows you to use the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted which is millions of locations.

NetSpend Features


No Credit Check:  Unlike applying for a checking account there is no credit check done on applicants

No Activation Fee:  There are no fees associated with getting started with your NetSpend card

No Minimum Balance:  Cardholders don’t have to worry about keeping a minimum balance on their NetSpend card.

Safer:  With identity theft rampant many people use prepaid cards to protect their real money in their personal bank account.  With a prepaid card you can simply deposit what you plan on spending.  It is not attached to your personal bank account.

Get Paid Faster:  The direct deposit feature on the card allows cardholders to have their paychecks deposited onto their card which means they will get paid faster.  Direct Deposit is a faster payment option than relying on paychecks.  They are typically available on your card up to 2 days faster than paper checks.

Add Money:  Add money to your card at more than 130,000 reload locations.

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