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The IRS recently sent out notices to certain taxpayers concerning a possible discrepancy with their tax return.  They noticed there was a discrepancy between the information the taxpayer reported on their tax return and the information provided to the IRS by their employer or banks.  As a result of this issue ICF International has been assigned the task to conduct a nationwide survey on behalf of the IRS to capture the opinions of taxpayers that had to endure the process of resolving the discrepancy.  Taxpayers involved should have received a notice in the mail from the ICF Business Operations Center including a paper survey to be completed and returned.

Taxpayers interested in taking the survey can complete the paper survey and return it in the mail or complete the online survey located at (www.IRSsurvey.com).  It’s a much faster process to simply utilize your home computer or mobile device to take the online survey as it’ll only take about 5 minutes to complete.  All of the questions asked on the survey are multiple choice requiring participants to select the best answer that represents their experience.  

At the online survey site participants will need to enter their Unique ID which is noted on the letter you received in the mail from ICF.  There is also a field to input your password which also is highlighted on the letter and is made up of 9 digits.  When taking the survey please know that your information and responses will be kept confidential and your identity classified as anonymous.  Any personal information that you provide will not be revealed to the IRS but instead will be grouped with others so your individual response will be hidden in anonymity.  

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