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If you are in need of a personal loan consider the preapproval offer from LoanDepot to receive between $5,000 to $35,000 through their quick and easy online application process.  It only takes a few minutes to complete their online application process to receive final approval and be extended an actual loan.  Customers are approved for a personal loan based on their creditworthiness and collateral is not needed to assist with the loan approval process.  There are repayment term options of 36 to 60 months with affordable fixed monthly payments.

Customers can find themselves in need of a personal loan to be used for a variety of reasons including consolidating old debts, planning home improvement projects, paying down on credit cards with high interest rates, emergency financial situations, and more.  LoanDepot has sent out mailers to certain customers who meet their pre-approval conditions and if you received a pre-approval certificate in the mail then you are in a position to take advantage of this offer.

New customers interested in seeing how much they qualify for can visit (www.loandepotmail.com) to inquire about a personal loan.  Most people avoid applying for personal loans or credit card offers because they know they will receive an inquiry on their credit report which can make their credit score decrease.  At the LoanDepot application site visitors can utilize Instant Rate Quote which does a quick pre-estimate of your loan and provides you with an idea of what your interest rate will be.  This is done without actually checking your credit report and consequently doesn’t affect your credit score.

The Instant Rate Quote section of the site asks for the amount of the loan you’re interested in, the loan purpose, and your estimated credit rating.  With this basic information you will receive an estimated quote which will help you decide if you want to pursue with the rest of the application process.  Customers can expect their annual percentage rate to fall between 6.17% to 29.52% depending on your credit score.  You will need to agree on the repayment terms which are available in 36 to 60 month limits and on fixed monthly payments that will stay the same the entire term.  

Each customer that applies for a loan has their own personalized loan customized for them that begins with their pre-approval number which is highlighted on the certificate they received in the mail.  This number needs to be entered during the application process.  There is an offer expiration date for customers to apply for the LoanDepot personal loan by.  If you are interested in the offer please apply before the date ends.

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