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Professional contractor of the popular TV series Holmes Makes it Right and Home Free, Mike Holmes is hosting real estate seminars around the country for anyone interested in investing in real estate.  The events will center around topics such as starting out in real estate, how to get funding for real estate projects, how to find the right properties to invest in, how to flip properties, and more.

To learn more about the events and what cities they will be next you can visit his website (www.mikeholmesfreeevent.com).  At the site in the Upcoming Events section you can see the cities where the seminars will be held next.  Currently upcoming events will be held in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.  The Tampa event will be a 2 day event February 13-14 and the Orlando event will be February 20-21.  There are complete details in the Upcoming Events section of the exact time and location of the events.

If don’t see an event planned for your area you can take advantage of the No Locations Near You section of the site and leave your email address including zip code so Mike can plan an event in your area.  All of the events are free to the public and a meal will be provided.  For each event the first 50 people that show up will receive a free $200 gift card.  For everyone else that decides to attend they will receive free gifts as well including resource discs and an MP3 player.

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