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Global Lending Services offers their customers the option to make a payment online at their Customer Portal www.myglsloan.com.  The website is available to customers 24/7 to not only make a payment but also perform these services as well:

  • Update their contact info
  • View payment history
  • View past statements
  • View loan payoff

MyGLSLoan Pay Online Option

The option to pay your bill online via the Global Lending Services Portal is a free service that is convenient and if payment is made before 7pm EST will be posted to your account the same day.

Customers have the option to setup an online account and make payments from inside their account each month or make a manual payment as a Guest using the Guest payment feature.

To pay from inside your online account the first step is to register for an account:

Click the Enroll Now button at the bottom of page

Enter your personal info:

  • First name
  • Middle name initial
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Click gray Continue button
  • Create password
  • Verify your email


After following the registration steps you will now have access to your account to login.

Enter your bank checking account info including bank routing number and checking account number for electronic draft.  Can schedule a one-time transaction or setup recurring payments.

GLSPAY Guest Payment

If you’re not interested in setting up an online account the next step to paying online is to use the Guest payment feature:

  • Visit www.myglsloan.com or www.myglspay.com
  • Click Guest Payment link at bottom of page
  • Enter your 10 digit account number
  • Enter zip code
  • Enter email address
  • Click the blue Continue button

Pay via your bank account info (routing number and account number) OR debit card.

Other Payment Options

Automated Free Phone Payments

To pay by phone customers can call 1-888-798-3783

Pay By Mail

Customers can send in their payment by mail – payment can be a personal check, money order, cashier’s check, and include their payment coupon to:

Global Lending Services LLC

PO Box 935538

Atlanta, GA  31193-5538

Pay By MoneyGram/Western Union

The Moneygram payment option can be facilitated anywhere that accepts Moneygram but use these identifiers:


Pay to:GLS Pay

Receive Code:  11998

Western Union

Pay to:  Global Lending Services LLC

Code City:  GLS

State:  SC

When paying be sure to include your account number along with your payment due.  Payments submitted electronically will post to your account the same day if sent before 7pm EST.




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