Mypaydetails – Login to Payroll On The Web

Payroll on the Web has a dedicated online login for employees at  Employees have the option to login to this site 24 hours a day 7 days a week from their home computer, while on the go with their mobile devices, or from any public computer to access their payroll information.

The MyPayDetails signup provides employees with their paystub info that is simply an electronic version of their paper paystub.  It offers the same details for viewing such as the employee contact info, salary, company deductions, benefit details, PTO accruals, commissions, and other info.

MyPayDetails Sign Up & Login

Before logging in to your account employees should make sure they have a document reading software installed on their computer or mobile device.  You will need this when trying to view your paystub or for downloading it for printing.  There is a download link for Adobe Reader that you can utilize on the homepage.

Logging into the MyPayDetails Login is simple for any employee to do.  At the homepage of the site you will need to enter the language you’d like the site to be displayed in.  There are 2 options, English or Espanol.  Select which one and the text on the homepage will be displayed in that particular language.

The next step is to enter the first 4 letters of your last name and the last 5 numbers of your social security number.  Afterwards you will need to create a password that you’ll use to access the My Pay website going forward.  If this is your first time using the site you will have a default password which is the first 4 digits of your social security number.  The last step is to select the Submit button and you’ll be taken to the next page of the login process.  

Using My Pay Details Payroll Calculator

To make sure employees are satisfied with the amount on their paystub there is a link on the homepage of that directs employees to the Paycheck City Payroll Calculators website that has easy to use online calculators for salaried and hourly employees to use just in case they want to manually calculate their pay.  

The site has a number of calculators for employees to use including calculators to compute your correct salary, hourly, W4, gross up, bonus pay %, bonus pay aggregate, 401k, etc.  Any questions you may have with your totals can be double checked from Paycheck City Payroll.

Once inside your MyPayDetails account you can view your paystub and double check your hours worked and pay info.  The same information that is recorded on your paper paystub statement is available in electronic format inside your account.

MyPayDetails W-2

By utilizing the online web portal employees can better manage and monitor their hours worked and pay around the clock.  Their electronic paystub is always available for viewing and they can also view past paystubs from their account.

When it’s time for W-2’s to be given to employees the My Pay Details ESS is where they will find their yearly W-2 form.  It will be available electronically and can be downloaded to whatever device they want to save and print a copy from.  The online site ensures employees will receive their W-2 faster in comparison to the mailed version.

The electronic version saves the company money on paper and mailing.  Employees now have more autonomy over their paystubs which is a smoother transition for the HR department as well. If you haven’t begun using the ESS site visit and get started.


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