www.mypayoffloan.com – Pre-approved for up to $25,000 Personal Loan

Take advantage of an opportunity to receive a Payoff personal loan for up to $25,000 specifically for excessive credit card debt you may currently have.  If you received an invitation letter in the mail preapproving you for a personal loan through Payoff, a next generation financial services company, consider the offer they’re providing and use the loan to consolidate your credit card debt.  With all of your credit card debt under one roof you’ll immediately be able to reduce your interest rates which will in turn save you money in the long term.  

A Payoff loan allows customers to pay a flat monthly payment every month towards the goal of paying off your debts completely.  If you’re serious about eliminating your credit card debt then a personal loan covering all of your credit cards can be a good solution to finally getting rid of burdensome debts.  Receiving an invite in the mail is already a great sign that you’re preapproved for a loan.  The next step will be to complete the online application to see how much you’ll be approved for.

To get started with the online application customers will need to visit (www.mypayoffloan.com).  You will need to enter your your special invitation code in the appropriate location and click “Apply Now” to get started with the application.  Included in the application process is a verification of your income and identity.  You will need to agree to terms on a monthly payment you can afford.  If you meet all the terms necessary to receive a loan you will then be approved for a loan and the money deposited in your account to pay off your credit cards.  It typically takes between 2 to 5 business days for the funds to be available.

Payoff offers fixed rates between 6% and 19.65% for loan amounts under $25,000.  Customers won’t have to worry about extra fees such as application fees, prepayment penalty fees, late fees, check processing fees, nor annual fees.  

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