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If you’ve been looking for a reloadable prepaid card that you can continuously load money onto and use for spending consider the One VIP Serve Prepaid from American Express.  It is a brand name card that is free to sign up for that affords cardholders many of the same uses as a typical credit card.  You are not limited in what you purchase with this card except for the amount of money you have loaded.  

As a benefit for becoming a cardholder members will be able to take advantage of Radio One VIP Loyalty Access.   The loyalty access gives members special privileges to artists and concert events that may be taking place in the near future.  They will have an opportunity to attend meet & greet sessions with artists, have special access to VIP lounges at local clubs, and premium VIP seating at concerts.  There is a Radio One VIP mailing list that members can join to have all of the concerts and events that will be taking place in your area sent to you.  This is the best way for you to find out about events and use your benefits.

Some of the other benefits of the American Express Serve card are free online bill pay.  You will have online access to your account which one of the features inside your account is to pay your bills online.  Paying online is a great way to save money and instantly send payments where they will reflect the same day versus purchasing envelopes/stamps and mailing your bills off to have your payment reflect in about 7 days.  The online service is a fast and convenient way to manage your account and manage all of your transactions.

To receive a One VIP card does not require a credit check and new customers can sign up for a card at (www.onevipcard.com).  Most anybody can receive a card as it also comes with no minimum balance and no hidden fees.  The card has direct deposit features allowing users to have their paychecks electronically deposited to their card.  Not only can paychecks be direct deposited but also tax refunds or even financial aid for students.  The only fee cardholders will need to be concerned about is the $1 monthly service fee which can be waived if you have at least $500 direct deposited in your account.  If you use one of the 27,500 locations to reload your card you won’t have to worry about a $3.95 fee that is assessed at other outside locations.

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