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Consumers looking to eliminate their credit card debt can take advantage of a Payoff Loan by Happy Money.  Happy Money has partnered with financial institutions to offer consumers loan arrangements to payoff their credit cards.

Before signing off on any loan consumers can first check what rates they currently qualify for.  This is the first step in the loan approval process.  

Enter Payoff Goodbye Loan Invitation Code

The first step to getting started is checking your rate before actually completing the online application, follow the instructions below:


The next few steps require entering in some personal information such as your name, birthday, etc.  Continue on until you receive your Payoff rate available loan offers from the partnering financial institutions.  This again does not affect your credit score.

When you finish completing the preliminary application you should receive loan rates that you can browse to see which one suits your financial situation better.  After you decide and make your selection the next step is submitting an application with that particular financial institution.

Benefits of Payoff Loan

Access to a loan to payoff your credit card balances

Simplify your payments

Save money 

Get out of debt faster

Increase you credit score

Offers lower rates than most credit cards

Single fixed monthly payment

Online rate check only takes a few minutes 

No application fees

No prepayment penalties or fees

No late fees

No annual fees

Payoff Partnering Financial Institutions

Here is a list of credit unions, banks, or other type of financial institution that have partnered with the Payoff Loan membership:

  • Alliant
  • First Tech Federal Credit Union
  • Green State Credit Union
  • Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Techcu Technology Credit Union
  • USAlliance Financial

Loan Specifics

Some of the more important highlights from the Payoff Loan that many people may have questions about are below:

  • Loans terms available from 24 to 60 months
  • Rate varies between 5.99% and 24.99% APR
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must have a valid social security number and checking account
  • Loans amounts offered between $5,000 to $40,000
  • Minimum rate for loan amounts above $15,000 is 6.99% APR

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-800-878-0901

Mon-Fri 6am to 6pm PST

Sat-Sun 6am to 3pm PST

Email:  success@payoff.com


1700 Flight Way

Tustin, CA  92782

Who is Happy Money

Works with Lending Partners who originate loans.  They provide financial tools and services for human happiness by helping borrowers become savers.



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