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Publix customers can now save a lot of time and energy searching for coupons by taking advantage of Publix’s new digital coupons program. If you sign up for the program you will immediately see the benefit in being a member because the days of hunting and clipping coupons is a thing of the past. With this new service you don’t have to search anymore all of the coupons are stored online.

What is Publix Digital Coupons and how does it work?

PDC is an online service that stores all of Publix’s coupons on their website at (www.publix.com/getcoupons). When customers sign up for the service they will have access to all of the digital coupons Publix has available by subscribing to “Digital Coupons” inside their account. The next step is to select and save the coupons you’re interested in to your account so that when you go through checkout you will receive credit for the coupon.

You will need to enter your 10 digit phone number inside your account so as you are finishing your grocery shopping and going through checkout your account will be identified by your phone number. After you’ve finished at checkout and received your itemized bill you can double check the bill to see all the discounts received from the coupons you used.

As a Publix Digital Coupon subscriber it’s a good idea to login to your account on a regular basis to check for any new coupons that have been added. You can easily sort through the coupons and select which ones you want saved into your account. There is no designated time or day when coupons are added, manufacturers can add new coupons any time.

PDC is a game changer for avid coupon users that serves to be a benefit to shoppers saving them time and effort from traditional couponing.

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