www.rocketmortgage.com – Get Approved For a Loan in 8 Minutes

Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans is perhaps the most revolutionary move in the mortgage industry that is sure to catch on with consumers looking for a home loan or considering refinancing.  With Rocket Mortgage homebuyers can simply logon to the website via their desktop or mobile device, answer a few questions, and within 8 minutes or so they can be approved for a loan.  Not only is this an awesome deal for the homebuyer but also for real estate agents.

The Rocket Mortgage program is a great start in the right direction to simplify the home loan process using technology while speeding up the process and making it much simpler.  The homebuyer is more in control with this new system.  Rocket Mortgage is a smart system that can perform several hundred thousand calculations within seconds offering the homebuyer various loan options based on their income, assets, and credit information.  This information allows users to immediately see various term option they can choose from including their interest rate and monthly payments.

If you’re a homebuyer looking to get a great deal on your next home loan visit (www.rocketmortgage.com).  At the site you will need to select what you’re looking to do either refinance your current mortgage or purchase a home then click the Get Started button.  You will need to create an account with Quicken Loans and continue with the application process.  Just like with any application you will need to enter your personal information including salary, employment details, etc.

Depending on your financial data it may take longer than 8 minutes to get approved for a home loan.  Additional questions will need to be asked if you have a poor credit history and you may be directed to speak with a Quicken Loans mortgage banker who will ask you more questions to process your loan.

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