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If you’ve seen the passionate warning from Congressman Ron Paul about the current state of affairs with our country’s economic system then you already know you need to be prepared just in case there is another collapse coming.  The next collapse he’s been speaking of is a currency crisis that could rock the world.  To protect Americans from becoming victim to this next collapse Paul is urging them to take action and receive a limited edition copy of Porter Stansberry’s book America 2020-The Survival Blueprint.

This book lays out for the reader in steps how they can forearm their families over the next 5 years.  It focuses on 4 steps to get you ready which are:

  • Get some of your money beyond the reach of the US Government
  • Own the most lucrative assets in a time of crisis
  • Get out of dangerous assets and into those that will protect you
  • Learn the most important strategies for protecting your family

Within each of the 4 steps you will learn specific strategies and tips that you can begin doing today to help protect your investments or create new investments.  Other types of secrets revealed in the blueprint are ideas such as:

  • How to invest in the world’s best hedge funds without paying fees
  • How to safely and legally move money out of the US and US dollar without having to report it to the US government
  • The #1 way to get reliable income in America over the next decade

The book’s aim is to help the reader be able to recognize when there is a legitimate crisis looming and what actions they can begin taking so they won’t be financial destroyed.  It’s an eye opener that even the smartest investors can learn valuable tips that can be used today.

To get your copy of America 2020 – The Survival Blueprint visit (www.ronpaulmessage51.com).  Along with the book you will receive 3 bonus research reports just for trying out a one year subscription of the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.  By joining you will receive monthly reports on the state of the American currency crisis.

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