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Everybody is after more control over their lives and not desiring to be bound to 2 year contracts in order to receive some type of service including home security.  This is what separates SimpliSafe Home Security Systems from all other home security companies because when you purchase a SimpliSafe system you own it.  It is an easy self-install system that provides the same service as any typical home alarm service but it’s yours and if you decide to move its portable and you can take it with you.

Not having annual contracts is a very exciting feature for SimpliSafe customers.  They can decide to cancel their service anytime without having to worry about paying a fee to get out of their contract.  Their monitoring service is very affordable at only $14.99 per month compared to their competitors which average around $42.99 per month.

Another feature about SimpliSafe that customers may like is they don’t have to worry about putting holes in their walls to install their home security system.  The sensors that are needed to monitor your windows and doors don’t require wiring or screws to bolt to the wall but utilize adhesive tape to securely fix the sensors or keypad to the wall.

Their 24/7 monitoring service is connected to your cellular connection instead of your phone lines.  Experienced burglars know they can disconnect traditional alarm systems by cutting the phone lines but with SimpliSafe there is no phone line required.  Your service is directly connected to an independent cellular connection that is faster than the phone service.

Here is a list of other amenities that are offered with SimpliSafe and customers can learn more by visiting (www.simplisafebeck.com).

  • Receive up to 20% discounts on home insurance with this service
  • On the go mobile control
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Receive text and email alerts
  • Wireless sensors have 400 ft range
  • Smash-proof protection
  • Power outage protection

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