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Alex Jones listeners by now have heard Alex plug the home security system Simplisafe in his daily InfoWar’s broadcast show.  If you’re not familiar with Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System and don’t have a home security system then this service is definitely something you should consider.  It’s very affordable, it works, and does not require any assistance by a professional for installation.  You can install this system inside your home or apartment and have a fully functioning home security system working within minutes that you’ll be satisfied with.  Customers can purchase the entire system from www.simplisafedefense.com or by visiting Simplisafe’s Amazon.com product page.

There are also many customers who have switched from the traditional home alarm companies to Simplisafe.  The reason for the switch is there are major differences between the traditional alarm company and Simplisafe.  The major difference is Simplisafe is SIMPLER, look below at how much simpler this service is to its competitors:

Technology:  Simplisafe’s competitors utilize professionals to come into your home and install hard wiring which requires drilling holes in your walls and running wiring throughout your home and install their components.  Simplisafe utilizes a wireless technology that doesn’t require a professional.  You can install the entire home security system yourself and each Simplisafe component that requires installation only utilizes an adhesive sticker that is already attached to the component.  You just stick to a wall, that’s all there is to it.

No Annual Contracts:  There are no required annual contracts that customers have to sign with Simplisafe.  The price is set at $14.99 per month and you can cancel anytime you want.  The monthly fee includes monitoring by Simplisafe professionals who will alert you by phone if there is activity going on in your home.

Phone Line Not Required:  Most alarm companies need access to your phone line which connects directly to their monitoring center.  Simplisafe does not require a phone line but instead utilizes an independent cellular connection that is built into the cellular hub which connects to a Simplisafe operator who will contact in the event of a break-in.

Portable:  You already know you can’t take your traditional home security system to your new apartment or house.  You will have to get an entirely new system but with Simplisafe you can uninstall your entire system from your current home and take it to your new destination whether apartment or house.  You can install it yourself once again.

There are many more features available to customers from Simplisafe that you can learn about from their Amazon.com product page.  Currently customers can purchase an entire 8 piece Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System from Amazon.  The product is very popular on Amazon and has nearly 9,000 customer reviews.  Take the time to skim through the reviews to see what customers like about the product.

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