www.startflippingnow.com – Get Flipping San Diego’s Quick Start System

Customers interested in learning how to invest in real estate and flip houses can learn from popular reality TV star Chris Bedgood from the show Flipping San Diego.  He is offering customers the opportunity to learn from him and how he profits from house flipping through his program called Chris Bedgood’s Quick Start System.  Bedgood offers customers a 3 step system that will show his students how to find great real estate deals, fund them, and cash them out.

If you want to learn from the one of the best house flippers in the country consider his 3 step system and get on the fast track to profitability.  Customers can visit his website (www.startflippingnow.com) and enter their name, phone number, state of residence, and email address to receive his system for free.

For customers who are new to investing in real estate the Quick Start System will give you what you need to know to get started and finding profitable deals.  There is no investment needed to locate deals as you can function as a locator to find the deals and find investors that can buy you out.  Functioning like this you will be able to negotiate for profits with an investor or receiving bigger profits by reselling directly to a retail buyer.

The system comes with a system guide, internet directory, system coach, getting started audio CD, online coach, forms & contracts, and copy of veteran flipper.  For customers who want to take their learning to a more advanced level Bedgood has a special program that will teach you how to become a veteran flipper.  The program is training through REV Training Academy which includes professional coaching and training.

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