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Silk’n has released their latest product advancement in home hair removal technology called the Flash&Go Express.  The Flash&Go Express is a great product for anyone looking for a better solution to removing unwanted hair from their body.  It is easy to use and works on its own only needing you to guide it across those hairy regions of your body.  All the consistent hard work that is needed to shave, pluck, or hot wax your body regularly to get rid of hair growth is all gone now with the use of this brand new product.

Customers who use Flash&Go have noticed a reduction in hair growth after 8 weeks of use.  With this product you won’t have to revisit those problematic areas for weeks and with continued use you can receive permanent results.  It only takes about 20 minutes to treat your entire body which compared to traditional methods is a breeze and there’s no pain associated with it.  The design behind Flash&Go is a method called home pulsed light which disables each hair follicle preventing hair from growing.  It’s a safe method that is painless while revealing your true soft skin underneath.

The best thing about using this product is it’s affordable price in comparison to other devices or professional hair removal treatments.  Prices can run pretty steep on many of these services but with Flash&Go customers can give themselves professional treatments right in the comfort of the own home that is quick and easy.  There are no appointments that need to be made and you can save all the money you would’ve spent.

Currently new customers can receive a 60 day risk free trial to simply try this product.  They can visit (www.tryexpressoffer.com) and take advantage of the monthly payment plan of 4 months at $78.03 per month or purchase the product outright at one payment of $299.97.  

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