Xfinity Black Entertainment Website

Comcast/Xfinity has launched an all black entertainment website that is complete with a catalog of black media content.  Xfinity customers can browse the catalog and read the latest news of what’s going on in the world of our favorite black artists as well as watch all of their movies and videos via the site.  Popular TV shows/movies with lead black actors or actresses are showcased which can be watched online.

One popular category on the site that viewers will frequently visit is the Highlights section.  This particular section of the site covers the latest news on the most popular black stars in Hollywood.  Video excerpts and commentary from celeb TV sites such as E News are showcased which reveal the most viral news that has been released on a particular black celeb.

The Weekly Watchlist is another popular section that keeps viewers aware of where their favorite black stars will show up next so you can be sure to tune in.  If they are scheduled to make an appearance somewhere the news of that event will be posted so you will be sure to watch that particular show OR you can watch the actual taped video footage.  Any new or popular show that has a lead black actress/actor will be highlighted on the Weekly Watchlist.

As you scroll down the list of other categories on the Celebrate Black TV website there are more menu items to select from.  Categories of interest on the site are TV Favorites (popular TV shows), Rhythm & Rhymes (music video vault), Must-See Documentaries (black stories), Movie Playlist (Xfinity on Demand black movies), Spotlight (behind the scenes info on a popular artist), TV Classics, and more.

Xfinity has put together an interesting site that offers black content to viewers who otherwise find it difficult to find.  Celebrate Black TV is an online catalog that has the black viewer in mind as they can stay abreast on celebrity news as wells as watch old and new TV Shows/movies that cater to the black audience.

Comcast customers can simply login to their site to watch many of these shows for free while some of the movies which are already available on Comcast On Demand have a fee attached.

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