Xfinity Blast Internet Speed Increase

Customers of Xfinity Blast Internet and Xfinity Voice Unlimited are receiving upgrades to their service free of charge.  As of June 24, 2015 subscribers of Blast Internet have been setup to receive an increase in their download speeds.  The normal download speed for Blast is 50 Mbps but it has been updated to 75 Mbps for all subscribers.  This is a huge benefit for families that have multiple devices that connect to the internet and stream content.

The other benefit subscribers will receive in addition to the faster download speeds is the ability to make calls to China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and South Korea for no additional cost.  This feature is for customers that have Xfinity Voice Unlimited allowing them to talk to friends and family around the world all included in their service.

To get started with the updates to your internet and phone service there are 4 steps that need to be followed on your end.  Once these steps are completed your new features will begin instantaneously.

4 Steps To Update Service

  • Shut down your computers
  • Unplug your Xfinity modem from the outlet
  • Plug your modem back in
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds before turning your computers back on.

After these steps have been followed you should notice faster internet speeds on your computer and devices.  If you need more information about this update please visit  At the site customers can learn more in detail about their internet and phone service including some applications and services they may not be aware of.  After taking advantage of the update spend a few minutes on the site to ensure you understand how to use everything your internet and phone service offers.

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  • Received Xfinity letter re: upgrade from 50mps to 75mps. Performed the directions included and, using the Xfinity Internet Speed test, only have download of 30mps and upload of 6mps. How do I get the 75mps speed?

  • I have preformed steps 1-4 and still do have 75Mbps. Please advise

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