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  • trouble applying for insurance. please advise

  • I work for outback steakhouse and it is through the company Bloomin’ Brands Inc. and our online payroll is through osi connect and I need a system administrator to help me reset my password, how would I go about doing that? thanks!

  • How do I print my w2s

  • I no longer work for outback, I was trying to log on to get my w-2’s, however i cannot remember my log in or password, I tried to get a hold of the outback that I worked for but no one wanted to help me, any suggestions??

  • Hi I worked for Outback during 2015 and need to print out my pay stubs for my records. Can you please tell me how I go about getting the information on how to do this?


  • I am having trouble signing in and getting my paystub and my W-2 form. I worked at Bonefish Grill, no longer working there since 3/19.. Please send a message at [email protected]. Or call me at (504)292-0603. Thanks

  • I was hired on 4/28/15. I have never received a paycheck stub. I need a print out of all payroll for may 2015 to present. Immediately. As I understand it, I never get a paycheck for my 2.13 an hour separate from my tips because? I need to verify that you have the correct direct deposit information because regardless of my hourly tip rate, the work commission and a lawyer that I’ve discussed this with says that even with the off set of minimum wage, I should have been receiving a paycheck during the last 10 mths especially during the several hour bleach clean up at 15 an hour. I also had a week when i went to the gilda radner charity golf tournanent at 12 an hour and was promised a 20% gratuity but received no tip and no paycheck for that event. And i definitely expected to because i had taken a vacation that week for several days and the theory that i made so much per hour did not stand true because i didnt work alot that week. My lawyer and comissiob says that my withholdings for taxes has nothing to do with my physical hourly rate that is unrelated to my tips. I am requesting all my payroll stubs immediately and need to receive them no longer than ten working days from today. I do not want a reference website to look them up and print them. I need you to please pull them up and print them out physically and mail them to my home address or the green hills carrabbas location. I also need a copy of my daily print outs that show what I made each day, and what tip share was paid out and what I was owed. And id like a copy of your policy on tips earned and why we have to wait till the morning after to be paid on tips earned.

  • Having trouble login to get my check stubs work at outback steakhouse in kenwood Ohio store # 3652 can someone help please

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