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Tennessee residents that have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus in regards to losing their jobs or experiencing a layoff can receive federal assistance via the Tennessee Emergency Cash Assistance program.   The program will provide up to 2 months financial assistance to individuals/families that have lost employment or at least 50% of their earned income … – Watch American Airlines Live TV

American Airlines passengers that are flying internationally can watch live TV via the Aainflight website.  The website connects passengers to several channels broadcasting live news coverage.  The available international channels you will find are: BBC CNBC CNNi Sport 24 Sport 24 Extra How to Connect to AAinflight  Passengers that are interested in the international In-flight … – Watch The First TV Live Online

A fresh take on Conservative views and talking points can be found online at The First TV.  This is your alternative to Fox News, CNN, and other mainstream media outlets.  You will find leading the commentary on The First TV talking heads such as: Bill O’Reilly Dana Loesch Buck Sexton Jesse Kelly Mike Slater If …

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