How to Use to Activate Benefits MasterCard

With, you can activate your LA Care Medicare Plus Card and unlock a suite of health and wellness benefits. L.A. Care Health Plan members can access these benefits online or by phone. L.A. Care Health Plan members can also get help from customer service personnel with any questions they may have.  This guide walks you through each step, from understanding what you need for activation to making the most out of your benefits.

What is Needed to Activate Card at

To activate your card at, gather your L.A. Care Medicare Plus Card, personal identification details, and readiness for a smoother health journey. You will need the following info for activation:

  • 16 digit prepaid card number
  • expiration date
  • date of birth
  • last name


This preparation ensures that members of L.A. Care Health Plan have all necessary information for activation, aligning with L.A. Care’s commitment to health equity and access to quality care.

What is the LA Care Medicare Plus Card

The LA Care Medicare Plus Card represents a cornerstone in the realm of healthcare benefits, tailored specifically for members of LA Care Health Plan. This card serves as a passport to a comprehensive array of health and wellness resources, accessible through Designed with the member’s health and convenience in mind, it facilitates access to essential over-the-counter (OTC) products, enabling individuals to proactively manage their health. activate card

The card underscores LA Care’s commitment to fostering health equity and ensuring that its members receive the care and support they need. By visiting, members can easily activate their card, unlocking a suite of benefits that contribute to a healthier, more vibrant life.

How to Activate LA Care Medicare Plus Card Online

Activating your L.A. Care Medicare Plus Card online involves navigating to the secure payment web page of This digital platform is tailored to cater to the needs of L.A. Care members, offering a straightforward activation process that integrates health plan data with ease, thereby encouraging members to engage in proactive health management.

enter the following details:

  • 16 digit prepaid card number
  • expiration date
  • date of birth
  • last name
  • click the red Activate Card button

How to Activate LA Care Medicare Plus Card by Phone

For L.A. Care members preferring personalized assistance, activating the Medicare Plus Card by phone is an efficient alternative. By contacting member services, members can experience L.A. Care’s robust support system, designed to guide through activation while addressing any health plan inquiries, thereby ensuring a seamless transition into utilizing the Medicare Advantage benefits.

  • call 1-833-571-7587

How to Use the LACare Nations Benefits OTC Benefits

Utilizing the LACare Nations Benefits for Over-The-Counter (OTC) benefits is a streamlined process designed to enhance the healthcare experience of its members. By visiting, members can access a wide range of health and wellness products that are crucial for maintaining good health. This platform allows for the effortless redemption of OTC benefits, enabling members to procure necessary healthcare items without out-of-pocket expenses. 

lacare nationsbenefits

It’s an invaluable resource that empowers members to take charge of their health by providing them with the tools they need. From vitamins and supplements to first-aid supplies, offers a convenient and accessible way to support members’ health goals, ensuring they have access to essential healthcare products with ease and efficiency.

L.A. Care Medicare Plus (HMO D-SNP) members have access to a $180 quarterly (every 3 months) allowance to spend on over-the-counter (OTC) health items. The $180 quarterly allowance is loaded on your Mastercard® Prepaid Card every three months.

Use your Mastercard® Prepaid Card to buy items in-store. You can use it at Albertsons, CVS, Food-4-Less, Ralphs, Walgreens, Walmart, and more. You can also order by phone at 1-833-571-7587 (TTY: 711), or go online at  Your unused benefit allowance does not roll over to the next quarter, and all benefits expire on December 31, 2024.

How to Contact LA Care Medicare Plus Customer Service

Reaching out to LA Care Medicare Plus Customer Service is a streamlined process designed to provide members with the support they need. For any inquiries or assistance, members can navigate to, where a wealth of information is readily available. This portal not only offers access to contact details but also provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing the benefits associated with LA Care Medicare Plus. 

Whether it’s a question about benefits, services, or coverage, the dedicated customer service team is committed to offering prompt and accurate responses. By leveraging, members ensure they are making the most out of their healthcare plan, all the while receiving the highest level of customer care.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, activating and utilizing the LA Care Medicare Plus Card through is streamlined to enhance the healthcare experience for L.A. Care members. With a focus on health equity, L.A. Care ensures its members have access to a broad range of services and support, from preventative care to emergency services, embodying its role as a leading managed care organization in Los Angeles.

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